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The most Instagrammed in Los Angeles

The most Instagrammed in Los Angeles Posted By: Raman , Date: Jan 11, 2019

The Most Instagrammable Places in Los Angeles

There’s no question that Los Angeles is one of the most popular places to photographand be photographed—in the world.  In fact, Guinness Book of World Records rated L.A. the 6 th  most Instagrammed city in the world last year. It’s easy to see why L.A. has been the backdrop, if not the focal point, for so many films, TV shows and photo shoots. Lala Land is a shutterbug’s playground with a seemingly endless selection of places to find the perfect shot.

From her sunny beaches to iconic landmarks, hilltop vistas to colorful urban tableaus—she has more than one good angle, and she’s always ready for her close-up. Just walking around the neighborhood on any given day can make you feel like you’ve walked on to a film set…and sometimes you’ll find you actually have. Whether you’re planning to post vacation photos from L.A.’s most famous destinations, or you’re looking for the best place to snap your next envy-inducing selfie, here are some of the best places in L.A. for you to feed your feed:

Santa Monica Pier

With an amusement park, arcade games, carousel, and iconic entrance, this 100-year-old landmark is one of the most photographed places in town. Strike a pose in front of the “Route 66” sign, then take a ride on the Pacific Wheel for an aerial view of the coastline. No matter which direction you point your camera, you’ll find something worthy of posting to your carefully-curated account.


Abbot Kinney Boulevard
GQ called it “The Coolest Block in America”. Forbes called it “America’s Coolest Street”.
Whatever name you choose to call it by, Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a can’t-miss stop on any Los
Angeles photo tour. While some locals <clears throat> might tell you that this street’s meteoric
rise in popularity has taken away some of its charm, it has also resulted in an explosion of
shops, restaurants and galleries that look like they were made to be Instagrammed…because
they were. From designer donuts to artisan ice cream cones to more murals than you can shake
a selfie stick at, this mile-long street is one big Instagram playground.


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Colette Miller’s Angel Wings
Artist Colette Miller created the Global Angel Wings Project in 2012 “to remind humanity that
we are the angels of this Earth”. Since then, the colorful street-level wing murals have
multiplied to many locations across the city, and photos of people posing with them have gone
viral. The L.A. Times even calls them “One of Instagram’s best-known backdrops.” One set of

wings can be found at 8401 W 3rd St, Los Angeles 90048, another at 453 Colyton Street, and
there are others sprinkled around the city. Search for more locations and get inspired with
#globalangelwings on Instagram, and don’t forget to hashtag your own photos when you post


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Griffith Park and Observatory
As with many of the locations on this list, a Griffith Park “photo shoot” can be customized to
just about any Insta-personality. The iconic art-deco structure of Griffith Observatory offers a
dramatic backdrop, sitting atop the mountain and overlooking the city below. From the lawn
you can see to the Hollywood sign, and if you’re up for a hike you can get an even closer look at
it from the park’s trails.


Echo Park Lake
Thanks to a recent makeover, Echo Park Lake has become a family-friendly recreation area on
the Eastside of Los Angeles. Lush green palms, lotus flowers, bridges, fountains, and swan boats
are framed by the downtown skyline, creating an unexpectedly-picturesque oasis in the middle
of the city.


Hollywood Walk of Fame
This is as “Hollywood” as it gets, folks. Look down and you’ll instantly recognize the black
terrazzo sidewalk inlaid with pink stars that covers 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard. Look up
and you’ll see Grauman’s Chinese Theater towering overhead. Spiderman, SpongeBob and
Marilyn Monroe impersonators will be standing by to take a photo with you, just prepare to be
asked for a “tip” in exchange.


Walt Disney Concert Hall
As home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, some of the greatest music ever played can be heard
inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the building itself is one of the most recognizable
landmarks in the city. Designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry, the stainless steel structure
makes for a visually-intriguing subject, as well as a dramatic backdrop. Show off your cultural
knowledge and appreciation for postmodern architecture with a photo of this modern marvel.

Venice Canals
The Venice Canals Historic District offers a glimpse into the early 1900’s when developer Abbot
Kinney planned to create a “Venice of America” modeled after the city of Venice, Italy. The
narrow waterways are bordered by beautiful homes and a sidewalk that runs the perimeter.
The white wooden walk bridges and plentiful palms and flowers provide a pictorial backdrop for
photos of this charming neighborhood.


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The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is home to some pretty incredible works of art, and its
outdoor spaces are no exception with magnificent sculptures, gardens, and building exteriors
just begging to have their picture taken. The Urban Light installation is one of the most popular
– and easily recognizable — places to photograph in L.A. The best part? No admission ticket is
required to visit Urban Light – it’s accessible and illuminated 24 hours a day. Come with your
battery fully charged and get ready to impress your followers with photos from this famous
(Psst…We cover LACMA and a whole lot more about L.A.’s museum scene here.)


–Shauna Murray