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Our Team is Passionate About What We Do

About A Day in LA Tours

who are we?

Co-founders Kevin and Raman are global travelers who travel the backpacker’s way. From Europe and South America to India and Africa – they’ve trekked around the world and know the needs of budget travelers and how to make things fun. They understand that although the beaten path is beaten for a reason, it’s nice to step out of bounds to see another side of a new place. A Day In LA Tours wants to give you a piece of both.

We know many visitors are in town for only a few days, so we want to make the most of your time. In one day we’ll do everything from showing you the beautiful beaches of Venice  and Santa Monica to LA’s most notable highlights including the Walk of Fame to Rodeo Drive to the best Los Angeles attractions … plus much more. The bus fills fast so reserve your seat!

what vehicles do we use?

We use Ford E450 and F550 buses. They are safe, clean, insured and well maintained and have AC and heating. (TCP# 27633-A)

why do we let you pay us what you want?

We charge $99, but if you did not enjoy yourself tell us why and pay what you think we deserve. We are positive we are the best tour of Los Angeles! We know travelers are often traveling for long periods of time and have to budget expenses. If you saw the sights you expected, liked your guide and had a good time, we would appreciate our recommended fare of $99. If not, pay us whatever you think we deserve and please give us your feedback. We’re always trying to improve the tour and make it the best experience possible. We love LA and we want you to love LA too. So give us a try and reserve your seat!

why choose us?

We are small, independent, and specialize in one full day tour of LA. We are here for those travelers who like to do things on their own. Unfortunately, LA is not built for easy viewing during short-term stays. We put all of our energy and effort in making this one tour meet the demands of all aboard. Also, we know you are on a budget so we are not going to charge you anywhere near the other tours – who often charge over $125 for a day – we are the best value and best day tour in all of Los Angeles – guaranteed!