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Best Los Angeles Restaurants

Best Los Angeles Restaurants Posted By: Raman , Date: Aug 8, 2018

Best Los Angeles RestaurantsPlanning a trip to Los Angeles? Or maybe you’re getting ready to make a move there in the near future? Whatever your reason for traveling to LA, one thing’s for sure. There’s a lot to learn about any new city, and LA is no exception. You’ll have to learn the public transportation routes, the best shopping centers and all the greatest places to catch a movie, game or performance. Most fun and exciting of all? You’ll have to learn all the best restaurants in LA.

Finding all the best restaurants is an important thing in any city, but it’s especially important in a city like LA. After all, when you’re surrounded by some of the best and most fun restaurants in the country, it’s essential to learn where they are and take full advantage of their proximity.

To help you out in your quest to find all the best Los Angeles restaurants, we’ve put together this quick and easy reference list for you. Work your way down the list, checking off each place as you visit it. When you’ve tried them all, don’t forget to stop back and tell us which ones you think are the top restaurants in LA!


Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Restaurants in Los Angeles

Ready to hit up all the most iconic and delicious LA restaurants? Don’t miss a single one when you follow this list.

1. Michael’s Restaurant

Don’t be shocked if this name sounds familiar. Michael’s Restaurant has been around for years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Plenty of famous chefs got their start working at this very restaurant. Here, you’ll find traditional dishes and eclectic new combinations, meaning there’s always something for everyone.

Eat indoors, or dine on the beautiful leafy patio when the weather is nice. Either way, your time at Michael’s Restaurant will be an experience to remember. If you make your way out to Santa Monica, this is one restaurant you can’t miss.

2. Cassia

Another restaurant located out in Santa Monica, Cassia brings a versatility that makes it appealing no matter what meal you’re looking for or what time of day it is. Stop by for a long sit-down dinner with colleagues, or have a quick brunch with friends. The atmosphere is a perfect blend of casual yet classy and combines flavors and styles from Asia along with a heavy emphasis on seafood and classic cooking techniques from France.

3. Scratch/Bar & Kitchen

You’ll have to get a reservation to make it in the doors of this next place, but the foods served up at Scratch/Bar & Kitchen make it worth the hassle. Make a point of putting in your reservation, and head up to the Valley for a flavor experience like no other. Here at this tasting restaurant, you can enjoy the unique flavor combinations and creative dishes that you might have never dreamed of otherwise. Don’t forget that reservation though, as walk-ins are not allowed.

4. Rose Café/Restaurant

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or a formal sit-down dinner experience, you’ll find it here at Rose Café/Restaurant. Sit at the bar, the tables or even out on the patio in the summer. Best of all? You’ll find pasta to be a heavy focus of the menu, meaning if you’re looking to get your carb fix, this is the place to be. The interior of this restaurant has also recently been entirely made-over — even if it’s a place you’ve visited in the past, it’s worth making a second trip.

5. Gjusta

Looking for a bite to eat on your lunch break or for brunch on the weekend? Gjusta is the place for you. You won’t find much seating here, but the food more than makes up for it. Enjoy pastries and breads as some of this kitchen’s finest staples, but don’t stop there. If you’re here for more of a sit-down meal than a quick stop-in, try flatbread pizzas, prime ribs, smoked fish and so much more.

6. Felix

Love pasta and traditional Italian cuisine? If so, you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to stop by Felix in Venice. Good Italian cooking is paramount here as you enjoy exquisite handmade pastas of all kinds in a variety of different sauces and dishes. Pasta isn’t the only thing on the menu either, although it is their specialty. You can enjoy salads, bread, fine wines and more.

7. Pizzana

Pizzana Restaurant in LA

When you think of pizza, the cities that probably come to mind first are Chicago and New York. LA might not be on your shortlist of top pizza cities in the U.S., but you might have to re-write that list, because it’s time to include Los Angeles.

Pizzana has crafted a traditional Neapolitan pizza that’s absolutely delectable, and they aren’t about to stop there. They’re always mixing flavors and styles to create new and delicious pizzas for your eating pleasure. Stop by and see if this isn’t one of the best pizzas you’ve ever had.

8. n/naka

Do you love Japanese food? If you’ve never had it before, are you adventurous enough to give it a try? Whether you’re a longtime fan of this cuisine or you’re just tasting it for the first time, there’s plenty to love about n/naka. Here, you can enjoy delicious seafood and wine combinations like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. You’ll need to make a reservation, however, and for the best results, you might even want to make that reservation several weeks in advance. This restaurant is that popular.

9. Manhattan Beach Post

Sometimes, you’re just looking for good, simple food perfected with a chef’s careful touch. For just such occasions, we’d recommend a visit to Manhattan Beach Post on Manhattan Beach. This restaurant is mere steps from the beach, making it the perfect spot to eat dinner and then follow it up with a walk on the beach at sunset.

Plates here are small and designed to be shared with one another as you sample multiple dishes, making this a perfect place for a date. This restaurant is always hopping, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time on your visit here.

10. The Exchange

Have you ever wanted to travel the world without ever leaving your city? Food is a great way to do that, and when you visit The Exchange, you can travel all the way to Israel without ever once leaving Los Angeles. This restaurant is on the small side, so you might want to keep your group small. Between the delicious Israeli cuisine and the stylish wood-based and plant-bedecked interior, however, it’s well worth the trip.

11. A.O.C.

When you’re right in the heart of Los Angeles, you won’t want to miss grabbing lunch or dinner at this classic restaurant. The patio dining space is one of the best in the city, although you’ll be comfortable if you sit inside too. Enjoy traditional American cuisine, all cooked with a chef’s perfect extra touch. The fried chicken is especially good, but you can’t go wrong no matter what you order off this menu. No matter what you like, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone at A.O.C.

12. Lukshon

Sometimes, the best restaurants are the ones where the menu is constantly in flux, where there are new and exciting dishes to try every time you visit. With Lukshon, that’s exactly what you get. This Asian-inspired restaurant is continually remixing its own menu, pulling off old dishes and putting together new creations for you to try. Here, you’ll taste things that remind you of common Asian dishes but that are presented in a way that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

13. E.P. & L.P.

Located in West Hollywood, E.P. & L.P. is one of the most glamorous restaurants the city has to offer, with all the glitz, glamour and excitement you would expect out of a Hollywood restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the showiness, however. The food has got it where it counts. Enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine in the dining room, or relax with a cocktail and a few small bites to eat on the rooftop, where you’ll find a spectacular view of the city.

14. Jon & Vinny’s

Love pasta, pizza, salads and other delicious Italian meals? If you do, Jon & Vinny’s is one place you won’t want to miss out on. This shiny new restaurant is located right in the heart of Los Angeles, making it an easy and central destination no matter where in the city you’re coming from. For any meal of the day, you can find great comfort food, all while enjoying the sleek, modern design of this wood-based interior.

15. Republique

Republique Restaurant in LA

The interior design of this restaurant is likely to be the first thing to catch your eye as you walk through the doors. You’ll be greeted with striking blue accents and a nearly 100-year-old design built by Charlie Chaplin himself. Republique is more than just looks, however, as the food here is French and designed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No matter what time of day it is, you’ll find something here to fill your classic French-food cravings.

16. Chi Spacca

If you’re wondering where you can find the best steak in all of Los Angeles, there’s no place better than Chi Spacca. It’s a small restaurant, but don’t be fooled. The steaks and other meals that come out of this small and open kitchen are second to none. It’s also located right in the heart of LA, making for a convenient destination that you’ll want to make sure to include on your LA visit.

17. Petit Trois

Petit Trois is a classic Parisian bistro designed to transport you all the way across the Atlantic and into the streets of Paris, all without you ever having to leave Los Angeles. The food served here is French food in its most traditional form, with a few slight variations.

The menu is fairly small, but don’t let that serve as a turn-off, as everything on it is delicious and worth ordering. Whether you’re looking for a perfect French omelet, escargot or French onion soup, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and more. The restaurant also has two locations, making it easy to find one close to you.

18. Luv2eat Thai Bistro

If you’re looking for more spices than you can handle, it’s time to head to the Luv2eat Thai Bistro located on Sunset Boulevard. This restaurant may be only a few years old, but it’s already making an enormous splash. Here you can find some of the best Thai food in the city. Be cautious when ordering, however. Unless you’re prepared for some of the spiciest food you’ve ever tasted in your life, order the mild dishes. If you’re up for the challenge though, we say go for it!

19. Kismet

Curious about Middle Eastern cuisine but never had the opportunity to try it before? Kismet is the perfect place to start. It’s a small yet modern restaurant that’s open all day, breakfast to dinner. You can sample a variety of dishes from the Middle East, all while relaxing in an airy and sleekly designed space. It’s also fairly new, having just opened in 2017. In other words, you’ll get to be one of the trendsetters currently making this restaurant a popular new spot.

20. Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant

There’s no better place in the entire city to sit down and have a good sandwich. Do you love pastrami? Corned beef? Roast beef? No matter what type of sandwich you love, you’ll find that there’s something at Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant to tempt you.

Take special note of this restaurant’s hours, as they’re strictly a daytime operation. This spot is a great choice for brunch, lunch or even an early dinner. They close at 4 p.m., however, so if you’re looking for a late-night dining option, you’ll be better off choosing somewhere else.

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