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Top Los Angeles Attractions

Top Los Angeles Attractions

A trip to the City of Angels is a top on many travel wish lists. If you’re among the fortunate planning a trip to LA, you’ll want to make sure you include the following 14 Los Angeles attractions on your list of things to see, do and experience during your stay.

1. Join in the Activity at Venice Beach

Originally designed to measure up to its Italian namesake, Venice Beach developed an identity all its own offering broad appeal to visitors who enjoy the funky open-air vibe of the beach and quirky boutiques and restaurants.

The boardwalk is the main attraction for visitors to Venice Beach and comprises a pedestrian-only two-and-a-half mile promenade.

Here you’ll find a variety of shops, activities and attractions to enjoy. Top attractions in the area include:

  • The skate park
  • Cycling
  • Rollerblading
  • The beach
  • The boardwalk
  • Street performers
  • Fortune tellers
  • Muscle Beach

More than a location, some view Venice Beach as a state of mind. Some consider it a bohemian sort of spirit permeating the area, making it one of the best things Los Angeles has to offer visitors looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.

2. Take a Walk on the Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is an attraction worth visiting in its own right. It is a trendy destination for surfers, skateboarders and even yoga practitioners. The iconic locale is a favorite attraction day and night and boasts the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel.

You’ll find a wide range of shops to meet all kinds of tastes and budgets through the vintage stores, quirky little shops and high-end boutiques. Some people go just for the shopping while others go to people watch. From musicians and tourists to locals offering their wares, there are plenty of people to watch in this delightful little corner of LA.

Still, others walk the length of the pier to sit at the end and take in the ocean breezes.

The pier, which is more than 100 years old, is also home to an outstanding nightlife along the shore. A short walk just east of the pier lies the Third Street Promenade, a lively section with shops, restaurants, entertainment and more.

The fact that the Santa Monica area of the city is very walkable makes it an excellent choice for tourists on an LA bus tour who want to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere that is so prevalent here.

3. Take a Bite out of Beverly Hills

One of the iconic attractions in Beverly Hills today is the Beverly Hills’ Sprinkles bakery where you can buy cupcakes through an ATM at any time of the day or night. It’s going to be hard to top that anywhere in the city, especially after you’ve tried one of these delectable goodies.

Beverly Hills Sprinkles Bakery

Fortunately for your waistline, it’s not the only attraction Beverly Hills has to offer — though it may be the tastiest. Other Beverly Hills attractions you’ll surely want to include on your list of places to visit in LA are:

  • Beverly Gardens Park
  • Greystone Mansion and Gardens
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Spadena House
  • The Saban Theatre
  • Virginia Robinson Gardens
  • Will Rogers Memorial Park

Don’t forget to take in a tour of The Beverly Hills Hotel, located in the coveted 90210 ZIP code, where you can walk in the footsteps of the rich and famous.

4. Shop ‘til You Drop on Rodeo Drive

Perhaps the most famous nearly two-mile strip of real estate in the U.S. for exclusive boutique shopping — like Giorgio Armani, Versace and Valentino — is Rodeo Drive. Whether you’re there to make purchases or just want to window shop and take in the fashions and styles the wealthy wear, it won’t take long to realize why the three blocks between 200 and 500 of North Rodeo Drive top almost every list of what to see in LA.

5. Snap a Pic of the Hollywood Sign

While one favorite access point to the Hollywood Sign is closed, there are ways to hike to it and several other places you can go to get a fantastic photo of the sign.

For many, the Hollywood sign is one of the quintessential “musts” of a trip to LA, and it remains one of the top Los Angeles attractions in the hearts and minds of visitors from around the world. The sign is so famous it has its own website, complete with tips on how to hike to the sign and information about its history.

6. Marvel at the Wonders of Universal Studios

Los Angeles is where movie magic happens, and there is no place where it happens bigger, better and bolder than at Universal Studios. The theme park is one of the most popular Los Angeles tourist attractions.

From behind the scenes tours of your favorite television shows and films to thrills and chills of midway rides, there’s plenty to do at Universal Studios. You may even get to meet some of your family’s favorite characters. Top attractions include:

  • Despicable Me Minion Mayhem
  • The Walking Dead Attraction
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Grinchmas — during the holidays
  • Fast & Furious: Supercharged

There are plenty of rides, shows and attractions to delight people of all ages at Universal Studios. Of course, you can’t forget the world-famous tram tour, which introduces you to dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, allows you to witness the parting of the Red Sea and lets you experience the adrenaline surge of being attacked by the shark from Jaws. Who could ask for more?

7. Find Your Favorite Movie and Film Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame tops many lists of things to see in Los Angeles. The walk now contains the stars of more than 2400 Hollywood legends and runs one-mile along Hollywood Boulevard.

You can walk along the path for hours exploring beloved icons of film, past and present. It’s a great way to spend your time in LA — especially if you consider yourself a fan of the film industry.

8. Watch a Premier at TCL Chinese Theatre

Perhaps the most iconic movie palace around the world, the TCL Chinese Theatre is home to more than 50 events each year including movie premieres, film festivals and imprint ceremonies.

TCL Chinese Theatre

As an icon in Hollywood since 1927, the theatre is home to many of the most prominent film and movie debuts and premiers. Plus, it’s a wonderful place to visit while exploring the Walk of Fame.

Another claim to fame for the TCL Chinese Theatre is the fact it’s home to the largest IMAX auditorium in the world, which makes watching movies here a memorable event. Not only can you watch a blockbuster film at TCL Chines Theatre, but you can also purchase a VIP tour ticket for a behind-the-scenes look at the theatre and its history.

Of course, you don’t have to watch a premiere to enjoy the experience of the TCL Chinese Theatre, on a huge IMAX screen — any film will be a fantastic treat to the senses when viewed here.

9. Pay Your Respects to Movie History at Dolby Theatre

Of all the LA attractions available, many people believe the Dolby Theatre to be one of the most essential for their Hollywood experience. The theatre is home to live performances throughout the year, as well as dozens of other events.

What it is most famous for, though, is the star-studded red-carpet event you know and love as the Oscars. Other significant events taking place at more than 640,000 square feet Dolby Theatre include:

  • Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
  • The American Idol Finals
  • The ESPY Awards
  • The Star Wars: The Force Awakens World Premiere
  • The AFI Life Achievement Ceremony

This doesn’t even include the many concerts held each year by some of the biggest names and talents in the music industry. Guided tours are available to allow you to see an Oscar statuette and view images from previous Academy Awards ceremonies held at the Dolby Theatre.

10. Check out the Action on the Sunset Strip

From its gangster past during the heart of the Roaring ’20s to the playground for Hollywood royalty, the Sunset Strip is a can’t miss nighttime hotspot for LA visitors over the age of 21. Here you’ll find cutting-edge attractions and the hippest nightlife LA has to offer. You may even rub elbows with rising stars on the Hollywood scene while you roam the streets or check out the various clubs, restaurants and boutiques.

Though any time is perfect for taking a drive on the Sunset Strip, the best time to explore it in-depth is after the sun goes down when the streets fill up with partiers strolling from one venue to the next amidst a sea of neon signs.

Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip attractions you might want to check out during your stay include the following:

  • The Laugh Factory
  • Chateau Marmont
  • Carney’s — a giant yellow train car restaurant and a favorite of Andrew McCarthy and Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • House of Blues
  • Sky Bar — at Mondrian Hotel
  • The Whisky
  • The Roxy
  • The Rainbow Bar & Grill

The real estate may be small, only occupying 1.5 miles of Sunset Blvd, but the legends are large. This is the place LA visitors to go to walk in their footprints — especially if you’re walking along the pavement outside Kenneth Cole Shoes at 8752 Sunset.

11. Experience Architecture and Art at the Getty Center

This spectacular museum is home to works of art crafted by some of the world’s most exceptional talents. Among the displays at The Getty Center include works from:

  • Monet
  • Van Gogh
  • Cezanne
  • Rembrandt
  • Michelangelo
  • Degas
  • Bellini

The center continuously adds new exhibitions, so you can enjoy a unique experience even after visiting several times.

In addition to the incredible works of art you’ll find displayed at Getty Center, you will also appreciate the stunning architecture. The style manages to incorporate thoroughly modern architecture with the gorgeous open spaces, gardens and LA city views.

Some visitors refer to the Central Garden as a work of art in itself. It features more than 500 plant varieties in the landscaping, as well as various fountains and gardens, so you can enjoy a feast of sight, sound, and scent while exploring.

Consider a private LA tour that allows up to one and one-half hours in Getty Center.

12. Explore History at The Grove and Original Farmers Market

One of the most beloved landmarks by LA locals, The Original Farmers Market traces its origins to 1934. Today, the facility attracts locals and tourists alike to enjoy shopping. Come hungry, though, as there are plenty of tasty dishes available for you to enjoy while exploring the stalls and vendors throughout the building.

The Grove is a separate entity from the farmers market. While the Original Farmers Market is quaint and charming, The Grove is a thoroughly modern mega-mall featuring many of your favorite shops and restaurants, along with several high-end mall stores.

Visiting The Grove and Original Farmers Market is an experience you can savor. In fact, The Original Farmers Market and The Grove make a great lunch stop on a full-day bus tour of LA.

13. See the Stars and an Amazing View of the City at Griffith Park Observatory

More than just a park, Griffith Observatory allows visitors to enjoy stunning views of the Los Angeles basin while offering informative exhibitions and an excellent planetarium with top notch shows. The observatory also offers a gift shop and café for your convenience.

Griffith Observatory

There is an impressive park here, as well. Offering 4210 acres, Griffin Park is the largest urban park in the United States. It features more than 50 miles of trails for hiking and biking, as well as various lagoons and waterfalls.

Other attractions in the park include:

  • Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens
  • The Hollywood Sign
  • Autry Museum of the American West
  • Train Rides
  • Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round
  • Greek Theatre Los Angeles

In other words, Griffith Park is another LA attraction you can build an entire day of your travels around — or more.

14. Hit the Winding Road With Legends on Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is the drive all drives wish they could be. You will find few better opportunities to enjoy the scenery of LA in a car than on this 24-mile drive. In fact, this drive almost makes dealing with LA traffic entirely worthwhile.

Unfortunately, you have to keep your eyes on the road while making this drive — it isn’t a straight shot, but instead is filled with twists and turns. Consider taking turns driving, so everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the views. Be sure to stop at one — or all — of the seven scenic overlooks.

Many movies feature the road, including one of the street’s namesake.

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Best Places to Stay in LA

Best Places to Stay in LA

There are a few things that are essential to any trip, no matter where you’re traveling and how you’re getting there. You need modes of transportation. You need good food. You need music for the road. And of course, you need a place to stay once you get there.

A trip to Los Angeles is no different. Whether you’re traveling there for a weekend, a week, a month or longer, you’ll need to know the best location to stay in LA. We’ve put together this guide to help you get the real scoop on where to stay in Los Angeles.

Here, we’ll walk you through not only hotels in Los Angeles but also different areas to stay in LA. We hope that after reading through this guide, you feel confident in booking your Los Angeles trip, knowing you’ll have a place to stay that’s comfortable, safe and provides everything you need.

Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

Like any other city, Los Angeles is loosely broken up into many different neighborhoods, each of which has a unique atmosphere and charm. Any of these different neighborhoods will offer plenty of hotels, and each neighborhood has its own list of pros and cons that make it worth your consideration.

As you plan your trip to LA, however, it’s a good idea to spend a little bit of time familiarizing yourself with the different neighborhoods and learning what you can expect from them.

Let’s review the major areas now, as well as what the benefits and drawbacks of staying in each of them would be.

1. Downtown

While you might initially expect the Downtown neighborhood to be the bustling, modern heart of the city, Downtown is actually the historic neighborhood. This neighborhood is dominated by old buildings like banks, hotels and high-rises.

Despite the fact that many of the buildings and streets are old, however, this neighborhood has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity and development, lately. Many of the old and classic buildings are being converted and re-designed as apartments. New shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants, hotels and clubs are moving into the area.

One of the hallmarks of this neighborhood is its diversity. When you’re downtown, you can easily encounter corporate skyscrapers, Mexican market stalls and modern art galleries.

Staying in the Downtown area presents the advantage of being close to all major hubs of transportation, as well as being fairly central to many of the city’s attractions. If you’re interested in visiting the beaches, however, you’ll be in for a bit of a commute.

2. Hollywood

Hollywood barely needs an introduction. The very name has a life of its own, immediately conjuring up images of glamorous parties, starlets, red carpet events and movie stars on every corner. Of course, not every bit of the neighborhood is quite this glamorous in real life, but the image still persists.

The reality is that not many celebrities live here anymore. The Hollywood district, as a whole, tends to be overcrowded and relatively low-income as tourists and aspiring performers from all around the country have crowded into the relatively small geographic area.

Don’t let this deter you, however, as things have begun to look up for this neighborhood in recent years. New tourist attractions have been built and modern shopping malls and spaces added in. This brilliant combination of an older and more tired neighborhood with fresh, fashionable new attractions makes for an incredible, eclectic mix of sights, sounds and smells to enjoy.

If you want to stay in Hollywood, you’ll have the huge advantage of being close to lots of great bars and clubs for a fun night out. The disadvantage will be that the neighborhood will tend to be one of the less upscale ones in the city. If you’re looking for the best and the brightest, you might not find it here. If you’re interested in the colorful and the memorable, however, this is a great place to look.

Staying in Hollywood

3. West Hollywood

Remember all that glitz and glamour you expected to find in Hollywood? Hollywood itself may not be able to deliver too much of that anymore, but West Hollywood has all the razzle-dazzle you could ever ask for, and then some. West Hollywood is known far and wide for beautiful, wide tree-lined streets, huge high-rises, flashy billboards, high-end shopping centers and all the great restaurants, clubs and nightlife you might imagine of Hollywood.

In particular, West Hollywood is known for being central to the LGBT communities in the city, meaning that if you’re looking for a great gay bar or nightclub to visit, this is the perfect destination. Additionally, you’ll find this neighborhood is a hotbed of shopping, restaurants and more. If you choose to visit the iconic Sunset Strip after dark, you’ll have a nightlife experience you won’t soon forget thanks to all the fantastic entertainment, clubs and food options.

There are plenty of advantages to staying here. The restaurant scene is off-the-charts, second only to what you might find in the Downtown area. It’s also not far from the beach, meaning you could easily head there for the afternoon. The nightlife is spectacular as well.

West Hollywood isn’t without its downsides, however. Lodgings here will likely be quite expensive. In addition to this, public transportation in this neighborhood is slightly lacking, and you’ll have to rely on cars to get around. Given the level of traffic, this can result in a real headache as you form your travel plans.

4. Venice

If you’re not from California and not familiar with the layout of LA, you might be surprised to learn that Venice isn’t just a beautiful city in Italy. It’s also a bustling neighborhood in LA. Like its Italian counterpart, however, it’s set on the water and has plenty of canals running through the city, making for beautiful and scenic walking destinations.

Venice is a wonderful hodgepodge of different things all jumbled together to make an exciting neighborhood well worth the visit. It’s long been established as a neighborhood that’s a little bit worse for the wear, but still has an undeniable stream of bohemian-chic charm to it. For those looking for character, you’ll definitely find it here.

This neighborhood’s had a bit of a facelift in recent years, as big companies have started to move into the area and transform it into a more high-end place. Expensive restaurants, charming boutiques and many other attractions have begun to pop up, particularly along the boardwalk and waterfront, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of affordable options in the neighborhood.

The benefits of staying in Venice are obvious. In addition to being close to the water, you also get to enjoy all the character, culture and color that these streets have to offer. One of the major disadvantages is that transportation is slightly more difficult, as there are no rail lines in Venice. There is a bike sharing program that you may want to take advantage of, however.

Staying in Venice, California

5. Koreatown

This might not be one of the neighborhoods you hear talked about the most, but with its exciting restaurant scene, it’s well worth the visit. The area is extremely densely populated, meaning that you’ll always be part of a pulsing, living crowd no matter where you go. And while the area hasn’t always been as popular as it is now, it’s recently experienced a renewed interest from the public and undergone a building boom that has really placed this neighborhood on the map.

You’ll find something exciting to do no matter where in the neighborhood you roam, but you’ll have especially good luck if you stick along Wilshire Blvd. Here, the bars and other eateries are densely backed together to make for a fun and exciting night of bar hopping with friends.

The food and excitement are two great reasons to stay in Koreatown, as well as the multiple Metro stops in the area. If you want to be right in the center of the city, or close to the beaches, however, you might want to choose another neighborhood.

Koreatown in California

6. Los Feliz

While some of us are all about the hustle and bustle of the big city and love nothing more than chasing the best nightlife in town, that isn’t for everyone. Some of us would much prefer quieter streets, more casual eateries and a pace that feels slightly less frantic. If that resonates with you, Los Feliz might be a neighborhood worth checking out.

Here, the streets are more casual and quiet. The area is less busy and feels more relaxed overall. At the same time, however, it manages to avoid feeling too cool or contrived, like other neighborhoods might. It feels laid-back and authentic, making it a great place to shop, eat or spend the night.

The pros of Los Feliz include the vast number of public transportation options available to you. In addition to this, you also have the advantage of the more casual and calm atmosphere. A con, however, is that you’ll be further from the main action of the city.

7. The Arts District

Do you see yourself as the artsy type? Then you probably don’t need to know much more than the name of the Arts District to convince you that this is a place worth visiting.

Like any good arts district, this area is home to cute coffee shops, outdoor dining, beautiful murals and walkable streets. There is a strong warehouse aesthetic that permeates the entire district, lending it a quaint and unique vibe that offers tons of character.

Although this area is becoming more mainstream all the time, it still manages to maintain a feeling of being slightly under-the-radar. When you hang out here, you can feel a little more relaxed, knowing you’re off the beaten path. There are plenty of unknown gems you might stumble across here, from shops and restaurants to bars and cafes.

The advantage here is the great atmosphere. This is a great place to stay that’s far enough away from the action that you can feel relaxed at nights, while still being close enough that you can travel to the center of the city when you want. A disadvantage to be aware of, however, is that the Metro does not reach into this district. This isn’t a bad thing if you like walking, however, as the streets are great for walking, sightseeing and people-watching.

California Arts District

8. Santa Monica

For many people, Santa Monica conjures up a gorgeous image of pristine beaches, absolute relaxation and life in the lap of luxury. And while there’s a bit more to it than that, this isn’t far from the truth. Santa Monica is gorgeous and a place that everyone should visit if they’re in LA.

Between the white-sand beaches and the laid-back beachside resort-town feeling, it isn’t hard to understand why this is the dream for so many individuals when they come to visit Santa Monica. This town isn’t just about the beach, however. There are also some of the city’s finest restaurants, stores and attractions all within the limits of this neighborhood. The area is friendly, open-minded and liberal, making it a great place to hang out.

We hardly need to point out the advantages of this neighborhood. It’s beautiful, relaxing, convenient and home to some of the greatest places to eat and shop in the entire city. There isn’t much to say regarding disadvantages, except to point out that the prices are likely to be high. You may also find that you’re a bit far from the downtown hub of traffic. If you’re looking to be close to that, realize that Santa Monica is a bit farther out than you might initially think.

9. Malibu

If you’re looking for that authentic Los Angeles beach experience that you’ve seen immortalized in so many movies, TV shows and commercials, you couldn’t find a better place to be than Malibu. This stunning beach town is far enough away from the heart of the city that you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle, but still close enough that you can head into the city for a night on the town if you like.

The views in Malibu range from wide, flat beaches to secluded sections of coastline, tall cliffs and jagged rock formations, making it a photographer’s dream. If you’re worried about being too far from civilization, however, don’t be. There are still plenty of fantastic eateries and shops to visit out here, and you can do it all without the insanity of the downtown area.

The pros of staying in Malibu are apparent. You’ll be right next to the water and removed from the craziness at the heart of the city. The cons are that you’re less central to most of the city’s attractions, and lodgings are likely to be expensive as well.

Travel the City in Style and Comfort

Finding a place to stay is the first part of planning your trip. The second and most crucial step is figuring out how you’re going to get around once you’ve arrived in LA. If you’re wondering how you can see as much of the city as possible without having to deal with all the traffic yourself, then we’d like to invite you to experience a bus tour with A Day in LA Tours. We offer full-day tourscelebrity home tours and private tours of LA.

Book your tour with us today and get busy planning to make your trip to LA one you’ll never forget.

Best Los Angeles Restaurants

Best Los Angeles RestaurantsPlanning a trip to Los Angeles? Or maybe you’re getting ready to make a move there in the near future? Whatever your reason for traveling to LA, one thing’s for sure. There’s a lot to learn about any new city, and LA is no exception. You’ll have to learn the public transportation routes, the best shopping centers and all the greatest places to catch a movie, game or performance. Most fun and exciting of all? You’ll have to learn all the best restaurants in LA.

Finding all the best restaurants is an important thing in any city, but it’s especially important in a city like LA. After all, when you’re surrounded by some of the best and most fun restaurants in the country, it’s essential to learn where they are and take full advantage of their proximity.

To help you out in your quest to find all the best Los Angeles restaurants, we’ve put together this quick and easy reference list for you. Work your way down the list, checking off each place as you visit it. When you’ve tried them all, don’t forget to stop back and tell us which ones you think are the top restaurants in LA!


Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Restaurants in Los Angeles

Ready to hit up all the most iconic and delicious LA restaurants? Don’t miss a single one when you follow this list.

1. Michael’s Restaurant

Don’t be shocked if this name sounds familiar. Michael’s Restaurant has been around for years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Plenty of famous chefs got their start working at this very restaurant. Here, you’ll find traditional dishes and eclectic new combinations, meaning there’s always something for everyone.

Eat indoors, or dine on the beautiful leafy patio when the weather is nice. Either way, your time at Michael’s Restaurant will be an experience to remember. If you make your way out to Santa Monica, this is one restaurant you can’t miss.

2. Cassia

Another restaurant located out in Santa Monica, Cassia brings a versatility that makes it appealing no matter what meal you’re looking for or what time of day it is. Stop by for a long sit-down dinner with colleagues, or have a quick brunch with friends. The atmosphere is a perfect blend of casual yet classy and combines flavors and styles from Asia along with a heavy emphasis on seafood and classic cooking techniques from France.

3. Scratch/Bar & Kitchen

You’ll have to get a reservation to make it in the doors of this next place, but the foods served up at Scratch/Bar & Kitchen make it worth the hassle. Make a point of putting in your reservation, and head up to the Valley for a flavor experience like no other. Here at this tasting restaurant, you can enjoy the unique flavor combinations and creative dishes that you might have never dreamed of otherwise. Don’t forget that reservation though, as walk-ins are not allowed.

4. Rose Café/Restaurant

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or a formal sit-down dinner experience, you’ll find it here at Rose Café/Restaurant. Sit at the bar, the tables or even out on the patio in the summer. Best of all? You’ll find pasta to be a heavy focus of the menu, meaning if you’re looking to get your carb fix, this is the place to be. The interior of this restaurant has also recently been entirely made-over — even if it’s a place you’ve visited in the past, it’s worth making a second trip.

5. Gjusta

Looking for a bite to eat on your lunch break or for brunch on the weekend? Gjusta is the place for you. You won’t find much seating here, but the food more than makes up for it. Enjoy pastries and breads as some of this kitchen’s finest staples, but don’t stop there. If you’re here for more of a sit-down meal than a quick stop-in, try flatbread pizzas, prime ribs, smoked fish and so much more.

6. Felix

Love pasta and traditional Italian cuisine? If so, you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to stop by Felix in Venice. Good Italian cooking is paramount here as you enjoy exquisite handmade pastas of all kinds in a variety of different sauces and dishes. Pasta isn’t the only thing on the menu either, although it is their specialty. You can enjoy salads, bread, fine wines and more.

7. Pizzana

Pizzana Restaurant in LA

When you think of pizza, the cities that probably come to mind first are Chicago and New York. LA might not be on your shortlist of top pizza cities in the U.S., but you might have to re-write that list, because it’s time to include Los Angeles.

Pizzana has crafted a traditional Neapolitan pizza that’s absolutely delectable, and they aren’t about to stop there. They’re always mixing flavors and styles to create new and delicious pizzas for your eating pleasure. Stop by and see if this isn’t one of the best pizzas you’ve ever had.

8. n/naka

Do you love Japanese food? If you’ve never had it before, are you adventurous enough to give it a try? Whether you’re a longtime fan of this cuisine or you’re just tasting it for the first time, there’s plenty to love about n/naka. Here, you can enjoy delicious seafood and wine combinations like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. You’ll need to make a reservation, however, and for the best results, you might even want to make that reservation several weeks in advance. This restaurant is that popular.

9. Manhattan Beach Post

Sometimes, you’re just looking for good, simple food perfected with a chef’s careful touch. For just such occasions, we’d recommend a visit to Manhattan Beach Post on Manhattan Beach. This restaurant is mere steps from the beach, making it the perfect spot to eat dinner and then follow it up with a walk on the beach at sunset.

Plates here are small and designed to be shared with one another as you sample multiple dishes, making this a perfect place for a date. This restaurant is always hopping, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time on your visit here.

10. The Exchange

Have you ever wanted to travel the world without ever leaving your city? Food is a great way to do that, and when you visit The Exchange, you can travel all the way to Israel without ever once leaving Los Angeles. This restaurant is on the small side, so you might want to keep your group small. Between the delicious Israeli cuisine and the stylish wood-based and plant-bedecked interior, however, it’s well worth the trip.

11. A.O.C.

When you’re right in the heart of Los Angeles, you won’t want to miss grabbing lunch or dinner at this classic restaurant. The patio dining space is one of the best in the city, although you’ll be comfortable if you sit inside too. Enjoy traditional American cuisine, all cooked with a chef’s perfect extra touch. The fried chicken is especially good, but you can’t go wrong no matter what you order off this menu. No matter what you like, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone at A.O.C.

12. Lukshon

Sometimes, the best restaurants are the ones where the menu is constantly in flux, where there are new and exciting dishes to try every time you visit. With Lukshon, that’s exactly what you get. This Asian-inspired restaurant is continually remixing its own menu, pulling off old dishes and putting together new creations for you to try. Here, you’ll taste things that remind you of common Asian dishes but that are presented in a way that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

13. E.P. & L.P.

Located in West Hollywood, E.P. & L.P. is one of the most glamorous restaurants the city has to offer, with all the glitz, glamour and excitement you would expect out of a Hollywood restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the showiness, however. The food has got it where it counts. Enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine in the dining room, or relax with a cocktail and a few small bites to eat on the rooftop, where you’ll find a spectacular view of the city.

14. Jon & Vinny’s

Love pasta, pizza, salads and other delicious Italian meals? If you do, Jon & Vinny’s is one place you won’t want to miss out on. This shiny new restaurant is located right in the heart of Los Angeles, making it an easy and central destination no matter where in the city you’re coming from. For any meal of the day, you can find great comfort food, all while enjoying the sleek, modern design of this wood-based interior.

15. Republique

Republique Restaurant in LA

The interior design of this restaurant is likely to be the first thing to catch your eye as you walk through the doors. You’ll be greeted with striking blue accents and a nearly 100-year-old design built by Charlie Chaplin himself. Republique is more than just looks, however, as the food here is French and designed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No matter what time of day it is, you’ll find something here to fill your classic French-food cravings.

16. Chi Spacca

If you’re wondering where you can find the best steak in all of Los Angeles, there’s no place better than Chi Spacca. It’s a small restaurant, but don’t be fooled. The steaks and other meals that come out of this small and open kitchen are second to none. It’s also located right in the heart of LA, making for a convenient destination that you’ll want to make sure to include on your LA visit.

17. Petit Trois

Petit Trois is a classic Parisian bistro designed to transport you all the way across the Atlantic and into the streets of Paris, all without you ever having to leave Los Angeles. The food served here is French food in its most traditional form, with a few slight variations.

The menu is fairly small, but don’t let that serve as a turn-off, as everything on it is delicious and worth ordering. Whether you’re looking for a perfect French omelet, escargot or French onion soup, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and more. The restaurant also has two locations, making it easy to find one close to you.

18. Luv2eat Thai Bistro

If you’re looking for more spices than you can handle, it’s time to head to the Luv2eat Thai Bistro located on Sunset Boulevard. This restaurant may be only a few years old, but it’s already making an enormous splash. Here you can find some of the best Thai food in the city. Be cautious when ordering, however. Unless you’re prepared for some of the spiciest food you’ve ever tasted in your life, order the mild dishes. If you’re up for the challenge though, we say go for it!

19. Kismet

Curious about Middle Eastern cuisine but never had the opportunity to try it before? Kismet is the perfect place to start. It’s a small yet modern restaurant that’s open all day, breakfast to dinner. You can sample a variety of dishes from the Middle East, all while relaxing in an airy and sleekly designed space. It’s also fairly new, having just opened in 2017. In other words, you’ll get to be one of the trendsetters currently making this restaurant a popular new spot.

20. Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant

There’s no better place in the entire city to sit down and have a good sandwich. Do you love pastrami? Corned beef? Roast beef? No matter what type of sandwich you love, you’ll find that there’s something at Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant to tempt you.

Take special note of this restaurant’s hours, as they’re strictly a daytime operation. This spot is a great choice for brunch, lunch or even an early dinner. They close at 4 p.m., however, so if you’re looking for a late-night dining option, you’ll be better off choosing somewhere else.

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